Helicopter Game – Arcade Skill Flash Game

Helicopter Game

Seethru website probably doesn’t even remember the game they made years ago, epic Helicopter Game with fantastic gameplay process. They either don’t remember it or don’t care, because Heli game is nowhere to be found on Seethru. This is rather strange, since the game is extremely popular, hundreds of thousands play it online every day. Just because the game is 2D and it looks like a polygon graphics Gengai game, doesn’t mean the game is worthless, on the contrary, the game has everything you need: it is extremely challenging, players can never get enough, and everybody tries to improve their scores. Another thing about Heli game is that it is unbelievably addicting, gamers keep coming back to it over and over again, for the same purpose, to improve the personal score.

Scores in Helicopter Game

There is no winning in Heli Game, it’s about scores and scores are accumulated depending on how long player lasts before the crash. Flight map is generated randomly in Helicopter Game, every time a player restarts the game, map is being generated from the scratch and it never matches to other maps. Because of this, factors important to succeed in game such as luck play bigger role. It’s not all about luck though, Helicopter Game is a skill game after all, so much depends on players ability to think fast and react fast also skills to use computer mouse or keyboard (in some versions of Helicopter Game keyboard is used instead of mouse, pressing space button will lift the helicopter up).

Beginners usually score from 200 to 500 points, more advanced players score 600-800 and experienced playhers from 1000 to 1800. Really pro players score 2k-2.5k but that’s really rare. If you check YouTube for Helicopter Game videos, you will only find few videos with 2k+ score and there is a reason why: As you know, to record a game, in this case a flash game you need a software to record computer desktop, such software exist, however using it significantly decreases FPS (Frame Per Second) in heli game. Low FPS is makes it a lot harder to score high in Heli game. Well if you visit the video page on this blog, you will find a video in which a random player scores 11.408 points, sounds unbelievable but looks authentic. It isn’t confirmed that the video is genuine though.

Games Like Helicopter Game

There aren’t many games like Seethru Helicopter Game, just a couple of non-official sequels, not so great replicas and games kind of like heli game. Let’s start from the unofficial sequel:

Helicopter Game 2

Helicopter Game 2 looks almost the same with exception that the game theme is in white colors instead of classic green and black. Another difference is an extra obstacle: Now player has to pick up fuel on the way (very often) to keep the chopper up. That’s all there is to Heli Game 2. It is considerably harder than the first game but is it as fun as the original? Probably not! At least most people say that it isn’t.

Crazy Helicopter Game

Next game is called Crazy Helicopter Game, a very poor product, wanting to resemble original heli game. In bright colors, more “advanced” graphical models and animation but with poor gameplay. Another flaw of Crazy Helicopter is that the game is extremely hard, some people can’t even get past first 3 obstacles. Obstacles on the way are too large. There is not enough time to avoid them since the chopper flies really slow.

Bump Copter

Bump Copter doesn’t pretend to be a Seethru heli game, it’s just a little flash puzzle game that involves flying helicopter and avoiding obstacles, emphasis on “puzzle game” original game however belongs to different gaming category. Thing is, players online often associate Bump Copter with Heli Game, for no obvious reasons though. BC is not a time based game, and unlike the games above, Bump Copter consists of short levels, in each level there is a task to accomplish (avoid obstacles and touch the flag), nothing original, there are many physics based flash games like BC on the net.